Petrocchi&Partners | International Legal Services

Petrocchi & Partners is a prominent business-oriented law firm, with offices in Florence, Monza and Milan,
with a long tradition in legal assistance at both domestic and international levels.

Giovanni Petrocchi – President of the section Professions of Conflavoro (National Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises) of Florence

“Legum servi sumus ut liberi esse possimus”

(Marcus Tullius Cicero)

“We are slaves of the law, so that we may be free”

(Marcus Tullius Cicero)


Being attorneys of numerous German clients and appointed representatives of the leading German insurance institutions we decided to establish a permanent desk devoted to the relationship with German-speaking clients.


Since 1968, we have been working professionally, at both domestic and international levels, assisting individuals, companies and institutions, by maintaining stable and successful relationships with foreign clients across the world.



Via Ciro Menotti, 28
I 50136

Monza (Milan)

Via Lambro, 9
I 20900

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