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Real Estate

Investing in the Italian Real Estate Market: Under the Tuscan Sun

The Italian real estate market seems to be one of the globally safest harbors for investments. After Covid, the market seems to be back to normal and there is every reason to think that 2022 will have an excellent performance.
However, real estate investments should always be approached with great attention and care, considering the significant capital commitment they involve and the numerous potential frauds and conflict of interests hidden therein.

Then, what are the right steps to take to enter the Italian real estate market safely? Here you have some useful tips for building your house under the Tuscan sun.

Privacy Law

Data Protection and Privacy in Italy

Privacy in the legal context describes the individuals’ right to confidentiality of personal information and private life. To ensure the compliance of individuals and businesses and to prevent respective information to be spread or processed without the individuals’ consent, various laws on data protection and privacy are in place worldwide, in the European Union (“EU”) as well as in Italy.
For a better understanding, the relevant organisational and ever-evolving regulatory framework with its general principles and applicability are laid out as well as the lawfulness of processing of data and several special provisions.

Finally, corresponding rights of data subjects and the conclusion of the legislation are described.

Insurance Law

Insurance Law in Italy

In light of many Italian businesses being underinsured in many sectors, the Italian insurance market is considered to be continuously growing. Our legal advice based on the necessary competence and experience concerns all main players in the insurance sector:
• Insurance companies, among those Italian insurance companies according to the requirements of the Italian law and of the Italian regulatory office (Institute for Insurance Supervision, thereafter IVASS), insurance companies of the European Economic Area (EEA) and non-EEA insurance companies with permission by IVASS (thereafter called “Insurer”),
• Policyholders/ insured persons/ individuals (thereafter called “Insured”) and
• Intermediaries like insurance agents, brokers, banks.

Decision of the Joined Sections of the Supreme Court no. 11550/22

Can a traffic fine be notified to a German citizen simply by post?

On 5 April 2022, the Joined Sections of the Supreme Court of Italy again ruled on existing issues related to the legal basis and consequences of nullity when serving traffic fines to a German citizen. The new legal principle is surprising.

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