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Corporate and Commercial Law

Success in business  inevitably requires a deep and well-established mastery of the whole range of issues involved in the achievement of investment objectives, as well as a broad expertise in selecting the most suitable forms of business organisation.

The Firm has a solid background in advising clients on both domestic and cross-border transactions, to facilitate the creation of profitable business relationships.

Our lawyers are part of a multidisciplinary team, with experts in delivering solutions on all business-related areas, from the negotiation and conclusion of commercial agreements to debt collection, labor, intellectual property, real estate, and litigation.

Clients will also benefit from expertise in the process of selecting, restructuring and innovating their corporate structures, in order to find the most convenient and profitable means of fulfilling their business goals.

Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

Legal assistance in litigation matters requires consolidated experience, as well as effective, timely and transparent case management skills.

For generations, we have worked as litigators. We form a team of professionals who are experts in navigating through the multiple possible developments of a judicial conflict, empowered to represent clients rights up to the highest jurisdictions, including the Supreme Court.

Throughout the entire management of a dispute, our principal and ultimate goal remains to achieve tailor-made solutions that actually meet the interests of our clients. For this reason, the firm can assist at every stage of the dispute, from preliminary negotiation to representation in courts.

Our lawyers are also open to finding the most efficient and cost-effective conflict resolution tools, using alternative dispute resolution procedures and maintaining a business and mediation-oriented attitude.

Insurance Law

Our Firm can offer full-range assistance in the field of insurance law, with reference to the various types of insurance cover and risks.

We pride ourselves on being representatives of some major insurance companies, and on having developed considerable experience in the protection of the rights of the insured parties.

At an international level, we also have a long-standing fiduciary relationship with some leading foreign German speaking insurance institutions, both in the field of road traffic and legal protection policies.

Real Estate

Real estate has always been a field that can offer great opportunities for diversification and conservation of capital, but is also subject to risks due to market fluctuations.

Thanks to our extensive and consolidated experience in the field of private and commercial law, our lawyers have the right skills to provide juridical support to real estate investment and management.

Our services range from assessing the legal risk inherent in real estate transactions to exploring the most appropriate alternatives for investing in real estate assets and disposing of real estate capital.


Our services are mainly carried out in sectors that are witnessing an increasing tendency to enter into commercial agreements with foreign partners or to make a profit from investment opportunities offered by international and emerging markets.

The international vocation of our Firm allows us to assist foreign clients who wish to transfer part of their business to Italy. We can also advise clients on the process of internationalization of domestic companies.

Individuals and companies will benefit from the integrated support of our team of lawyers and interpreters, who have always been accustomed to working in support of the specific needs of the internationalization of business and to carrying out commercial and cultural intermediation.


Business is increasingly affected by the fast changes occurring in taxation policies and legislation. Market players have now the opportunity to be proactive and thus avoiding the risks and taking advantage of the opportunities related to this sector, especially when operating internationally.

Our Firm, through our multidisciplinary network of professionals, can offer a tailor-made legal advice to both companies and individuals dealing with tax matters, ensuring compliance in sectors such as international transactions, transfer pricing, real estate, and private clients operations.

The Firm can also assist the client both in tax litigation and in pre-litigation steps.

Labor Law

Whether our clients are employers or employees, our lawyers have specific skills to guide them through the complex and ever-changing framework of labor law.

Our expertise covers various areas of labor law, in both litigation and extra-judicial scenarios: drafting of employment contracts, pay and social security treatments, individual and collective dismissals, and procedures to oppose administrative sanctions.

Inheritance Law

Assisting companies and individuals in  in the drafting of wills requires competence  in  transfer and succession of capital.

Our Firm deals with family law and inheritance law, providing advice on the transmission of inheritance assets, even in case of foreign heirs and multi-jurisdictional disputes.

Anti-money laundering

Recent anti-money laundering legislation requires market players to be more proactive in assessing the sources of their proceeds and the economic actors with whom they come into contact.

Our Firm, through our multidisciplinary network of professionals, can guide clients in all the necessary compliance procedures, to avoid the risk of incurring in the newly-introduced significant criminal sanctions and, ultimately, to ensure that business is conducted according to the principles of market fairness and stability.


Given the massive exchange of information involved in modern economic traffics, knowledge of the ever-evolving regulatory framework on data protection and privacy is becoming increasingly important.

Our Firm is able to provide specific advice to ensure the compliance of individuals and businesses with current legislation, particularly  Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), in force since May 28, 2018.


For more than thirty years, our Firm has been assisting our clients on issues related to obligation law, providing specific expertise in the drafting of various types of contracts: banking, leasing, factoring and franchising.

In the course of our activity, we have received professional assignments from major credit institutions, as well as from leasing and factoring companies.

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